Financial Assets Aggregation

Financial Assets Aggregation

The platform of Metrika allows to assist its customers through a monitoring and consolidation service of the investment portfolio wherever they are held and whatever the degree of liquidity and the type of financial instruments.

Such activity allows an efficient supervision of the status and the performance of the assets, achieving a centralized vision of all the existing relationships. The main objectives of this process are to adequately manage asset allocation, risk control and management costs monitoring.

The importance of this service lies in the possibility given to the customer to have access to aggregated multi asset class reports that can include both securities and real estate portfolios, essential reports for the client’s financial planning.

The information on individual transactions also makes it possible to produce reports on movements between asset classes and above all on performance indicators that also take into account factors such as taxation or management charges.

The methods of access to the customer’s personal information may be agreed from time to time on the basis of the level of confidentiality and transparency that is intended for this service to the financial institutions with which the client has in place its relations.

Similarly, where required, access to reporting can also take place through remote applications that can be used in encrypted and secure mode.