why switzerland

Why Switzerland

There are many factors that make Switzerland an extremely attractive country.Its strategic location in the heart of Europe and its first-class infrastructures guarantee optimal interchanges with foreign countries. The solid relationships established internationally by Swiss institutions, as well as the Country’s political stability, are a reflection of the high degree of democratization of the country.

These elements, together with an efficient labour market, an historically advanced financial market and a high capitalization of banks, allow Switzerland to be consistently granted an “AAA” credit rating by the major rating agencies.

The country also stands at the top of the annual “Global Competitiveness Report” ranking published by the World Economic Forum. This is a testimony of its unmatched ability to provide for the welfare of its citizens through high standard of services and institutions, factors that contribute to attract and retain the best talents in the world.

In particular, the pragmatic and collaborative approach that distinguishes Swiss institutions in dealing with investors and entrepreneurs – along with particularly advantageous personal and corporate taxation – contributes to an ideal ecosystem to develop technology start-ups.

Furthermore, the Swiss financial and legal framework also strongly safeguard clients and investors, protecting their privacy while at the same time respecting international regulations on automatic exchange of information on financial accounts.

Why Switzerland