VAT In International Trade

With a strong federal administrative system and a solid and clear regulatory system, Switzerland has for decades played a key role as an integrated platform at the exact center of Europe. The commercial and free trade agreements with countries and geographic areas (for example with China), which are strategic and with a high industrial and financial capacity, complete the picture.

Metrika AG is active in the assistance as VAT tax representative of companies based in Switzerland and foreign companies that carry out their activities in favor of customers domiciled in Switzerland. Metrika AG has also organized a specific internal division designed to offer business consultancy to resolve the complexities associated with the management of customs and logistics issues related to the exchange and circulation of goods and services in the domestic and cross-border sectors.

The complexity and interactions between operators and different tax and customs regimes in which we operate at the global level requires a strong knowledge and continuous updating capacity on the regulation of indirect taxes and on the crucial aspects of the impact of customs duties and duties. The passage of approval by the Federal Chambers of 30 September 2016 of the Revision of the LIVA Act and the subsequent events have set a series of events from 2017 to 2019 for which many have been and will be changes in the regulatory framework and procedures management of commercial operations.

For example, with effect from 1.1.2018 some innovations regarding VAT have come into force for companies operating in the Helvetic Confederation which has always been a reference point in international trade.

In particular, even foreign companies supplying goods or services in Switzerland when a certain volume of global business are exceeded are required to open a tax representation for VAT purposes in Switzerland and tax liability begins with the first execution of a performance on Swiss territory.

Constant study and updating in the field of VAT and customs subjects allow Metrika to act as the right and independent interlocutor even before the start of a negotiation or the drafting of letters of intent and commercial agreements.

Metrika successfully assists entrepreneurs and companies that follow traditional sales channels and Swiss and foreign companies that want to undertake or adapt their e-commerce activities in Switzerland.

Metrika is alongside entrepreneurs and companies in defining their obligations and to assist them in the course of audits, controls and due diligence in the VAT and customs field. In detail, Capital is able to assist its customers in the following activities:

          • preparation of reports and feasibility studies on VAT and customs cases;
          • assistance during voluntary audits, due diligence and controls by the AFC and the AFD;
          • carrying out tax representation tasks;
          • assistance for the study and implementation of logistical aspects related to international exchanges;
          • assistance in opening and managing the customs account;
          • keeping accounts, closing and preparing periodic reports.