Privacy Statement


1.  Metrika AG’ privacy policy

In the context of its activity, Metrika AG processes data relating to individuals and/or legal entities as defined in Ar. 5 DPA (“personal data”).

Such personal data includes information about current and past Clients, about potential Clients, business partners, and any other person who interacts with Metrika AG.

The data processing carried out by Metrika AG respects the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPA) of 25th September 2020, the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPOa) of 31st August 2022 (hereinafter also referred to as ” Applicable Regulations”)

With the following information, we would like to give you an overview of how we will process your data and of your rights according to data privacy laws. The details on what data will be processed and which method will be used depend significantly on the services applied for or agreed upon.

2. Who is responsible for data processing?

The responsible is:

Metrika AG
Bleicherweg 50
CH-8002 Zürich

Call.: +41 (0)44 5125004

3. What is the purpose of processing and on what legal basis?

We process personal data in accordance with the provisions of the Applicable Regulations:

  • For fulfillment of contractual obligations. In this case data is processed in order to provide our services, in the context of carrying out our business with our clients and our suppliers or to carry out pre-contractual measures (e.g. to identify any conflicts of interest);
  • To comply with law and regulatory requirements (e.g. Anti-Money Laundering Regulations, FINMA ordinances and circulars, tax laws etc.);
  • For the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by us or a third party (e.g. asserting legal claims and defense in legal disputes);

For certain other legitimate purposes (e.g to send general information on us, invitations to events organized by Metrika, etc.).

4. What sources and data do you use?

We process personal data obtained from our clients and other counterparties in the context of our business relationship. We also process personal data that we obtain from publicly accessible sources (e.g. debt registers, commercial and association registers, press, internet) or that is legitimately transferred to us by other companies or from other third parties.

5. What types of data do you process?

Relevant data we process is personal information (e.g. name, address and other contact details such as e-mail address and telephone number, date and place of birth, nationality) and identification data (e.g. ID card or passport details). Furthermore, we collect also data for the fulfillment of our legal and contractual obligations such as information about your personal and financial situation (e.g., your financial background, information about your assets and their origin, professional information such as job title and professional experience, family details such as name of your partner or children, tax domicile and tax-relevant information and documents) and other data, similar to those categories. This information (including periodic review results) may be collected also with respect to prospective clients.

We collect information in connection with our clients’ risk assessments and under a risk-based approach, such as information on pending charges or insolvency and bankruptcy, or other similar information.

We can record phone calls and video-calls between you and Metrika AG and during the call we may collect data, including your phone number, forwarding numbers, time and date of calls and messages, duration of calls, images etc..

When you access our website (, by means of cookies, information about you use of the website (usually: data related to your activity during your visit, date and time of the access, information about your device and your web browser) are automatically collected and stored. We can also collect information that you have voluntarily provided.

More in general, we collect details of our interactions with you.

6. Who receives my data?

Within the company, every unit that requires your data to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations will have access to it.

We may pass on information about you only if legal provisions demand it, or if you have given your consent, or if we have been authorized by a contract or to protect a legitimate interest.

Recipients of personal data can be, for example:

  • Other fiduciary or trustee institutions, advisors, lawyers, banks, other third parties to which we may transfer your personal data in order to carry out a business relationship with you (depending on the contract). Service providers and agents appointed by us can receive access to data for the purposes given only if they maintain an adequate degree of confidentiality.

Public entities and institutions (e.g. criminal prosecution authorities, federal tax administration etc.) in order to comply our legal obligation.

7. Is my data treated securely?

Metrika AG takes appropriate technical (e.g. encryption, logging, access control, data backup, etc.) and organizational (e.g. instructions for our employees, confidentiality agreements, etc.) measures to ensure security of the data collected and processed and protect them from unauthorized access, improper use, loss, falsification and destruction. However, it is impossible to completely exclude security risks: some residual risks are most often unavoidable. In particular, since perfect data security cannot be guaranteed for communications via e-mail, instant messaging or similar means of communication, we recommend that you send confidential information in safe mode.

8. Will data be transferred to a third Country?

Data transfer in states outside Switzerland could take place to Countries that guarantee an adequate data protection on the basis of a decision of the Federal Council.

Outside these Countries, and in the absence of other protection requirements (referred to in Article 16 DPA), the transmission of data abroad can take place so long as:

  • It is necessary for the purpose of carrying out a contract with you
  • It is required by law (e.g. reporting obligations under fiscal law), or
  • You have granted us your consent
9. Am I obliged to provide data?

In the context of our business relationship, you must provide all personal data that is required for accepting and carrying out a business relationship and fulfilling the accompanying contractual obligations or that we are legally obliged to collect. Without this data, we are, in principle, not in a position to finalize or execute a contract with you. In particular, anti-money laundering regulations require us to identify you on the basis of your identification documents before establishing a business relationship and also to update your personal data during the relationship.

In order for us to be able to comply with these statutory obligations, you must provide us with the necessary information and documents in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering regulations, and to immediately disclose any changes over the course of the business relationship.

If you do not provide us with the necessary information and documents, we cannot enter into or continue the business relationship you desire.

10. For how long will my data be stored?

We retain your personal data to the extent necessary for the purpose for which we collected it or to comply with legal or regulatory requirements.

In the case of contracts, we store your personal data at least for the duration of our contractual relationship.

We also keep personal data whenever we have a legitimate interest to do so. In particular, this may occur if we need personal data to assert claims or defend against claims, for archiving purposes, to ensure IT security or as long as the limitation period for contractual or non-contractual claims is still running.

Furthermore, we store your personal data for the retention period stipulated by applicable law (e.g. in compliance with the retention periods under Swiss tax and/or commercial and/or anti-money laundering legislation, which are at least of 10 years).

Personal data that is not necessary for the purpose of the treatment and for which there is no justification for keeping it will be deleted or anonymized.

11. What data privacy rights do I have?

Every data subject has the right to access (according to Article 25 of the DPA), the right to rectification updating, limitation and/or objection to its processing and cancellation of Data if incomplete, incorrect or collected in violation of the law (according to Articles 6 and 30-32 of the DPA) and – if applicable – the right to data portability (according to Article 28 of the DPA).

Based on the Applicable Regulations, your rights are not absolute as in certain circumstances they may be subject to exceptions.

12. To what extent is there Automated Decision-Making?

We do not use any automated decision-making.

13. Will profiling take place?

We do not process your data automatically.

Thank you very much. Kind regards